Product serialization and
Track & Trace
in Russia

Mandatory serialization of goods

Serialization is the marking of products with unique serial numbers encoded in the form of machine-readable matrix codes. These codes allow one to track the products throughout an entire supply chain (from production, through distribution, and to selling to customers at the point of sale). Serialization helps prevent counterfeiting as it allows one to identify every product – the scanning of the codes reveals such information as a product's unique serial number, shelf life, batch number and logistic route.

By 2024, serialization will become mandatory for all consumer goods on the Russian market under the national digital marking program. The Russian market players will be obliged to register a product at each stage of its route, so that the product could be tracked from the manufacturer, throughout the logistic chain, and till the point of sale. To cope with this task, one needs special track & trace software. We have developed Utrace in order to help manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers successfully transfer serialization data to the relevant state systems.

Our team consists of experts not only in technologies, but also in business processes in the pharmaceutical, food and light industries. We are well aware of the typical warehouse and logistic workflows, and we understand in-depth how retail and distribution work. We use trusted methodologies of serialization projects, proven workflows and ready-to-use integration schemes. We will help you understand the Russian legislation and find the optimum way to implement serialization for your products on the Russian market.

Serialization – fast, convenient, effective

Compliance with the law

Although the Russian national serialization program is still under development, it will clearly be one of the most complex of its kind in the world. That is why our software developers have been monitoring the updates in the legislation and promptly adjusting the software when necessary. We have been staying up-to-date as we participate in panel discussions on the matter and workgroups with the regulatory authorities on a regular basis.

Collaboration with your team

Everyone in the Utrace team speaks English, so we will have no problem getting on with your staff. We have been working with companies based outside Russia for more than 10 years. Utrace solutions are available both in English and Russian.

Preparation for validation

We provide a complete document package for both Russian and international audit, and are ready for validation according to the GAMP 5 standard.

Protection from unexpected events

In case of problems on the vendor's side, its clients are at risk to end up without product support and development, or even without the data. We have taken care of it as we work with an escrow service which receives the product copies of our software on a regular basis – it will serve as a warranty if need be.

Integration with other systems

Utrace supports many third-party ERP, WMS and T&T systems, increasing the number of pre-set integrations steadily. We reduce integration time by developing new connectors for the most common systems.

High quality standards

While developing Utrace, we were adhering to the EPCIS, GS1, and ISA-95 standards. Track-and-trace software is essential when it comes to the stability of sales and production, so the requirements to this software are very high:

  • Guaranteed fail-safe operation;
  • Integration with production and warehouse systems;
  • Detailed logging of all system events;
  • Maximum automation.

Utrace advantages

  • Compliance with both Russian and international legislation: the software is certified and complies with legislation requirements, providing a complete set of validation documents for both Russian and international audit.
  • Integration with state systems according to specified rules. Should the state requirements change, we will update your software for free.
  • Suitable for different types of goods. Utrace suits different industries, providing the authentication and track & trace of dozens of millions product units per year.
  • Suitable for all levels of the ISA-95 standard. Utrace supports all the five ISA-95 levels (L1–L5), providing complex solutions as the main contractor.
  • Out-of-the-box and custom solutions. Our out-of-the-box solutions are based on best market practices: ready-to-use scenarios of serialization and aggregation, predefined user roles and pre-set marking templates for faster integration. At the same time, our software can be tailored to your specific needs: the use of microservices allows for the creation of many personalized solutions which can be flexibly integrated into the client's infrastructure.
  • We can complete a project started by a third party from any stage.
  • System update and improvement. We constantly improve the quality of the system core as we study the analytics and the system data, and keep track of updates in the guidelines, the Russian legislation and the international standards.
  • Compatibility with your equipment and software. The system supports a wide range of equipment and software. The number of Utrace pre-set (not requiring any setting process) integrations is steadily increasing.
  • Methodological support. We can answer any questions about product marking and serialization.
  • Localization for Russian and English.

Utrace Team

Our permanent staff includes developers, testers, DevOps engineers, analysts, marketers in Moscow, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, and Chita. Each of our employees has over 3 years of working experience.

Chief Executive Officer: Konstantin Ivanov

Manages sales, marketing and partnership programmes

Director of Operations: Evgeniy Rodnyanskiy

Implementations in Russia and abroad

Product line development: Darya Stolovitskaya

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Our partners

Utrace works as the main contractor, collaborating with equipment suppliers and ensuring the full cycle of equipment and software procurement to enterprises and warehouses. We collaborate also with the providers of German and Russian equipment for industrial serialization.

One of the leading Russian companies in IT consulting and system integration.

A provider of German equipment for medium-size and large manufacturing businesses (L1-L3 systems).

One of the Big Four accounting organizations that provides financial audit, tax, and advisory services.

One of the leading Russian companies in business solutions implementation and software development.

The Russian national unified system for product digital marking and tracking created by the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies.

The Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies is the Russian national serialization and track & trace operator. The Centre was created to carry out global projects in the Russian digital economy and forms an essential and expert technological infrastructure.

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